Difference between SDS and the general category? – Amandeep Singh

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May 16, 2019
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Difference between SDS and the general category? – Amandeep Singh

Difference between SDS and general category amandeep Singh despardeslive

Hello, their thanks for landing this website today I covered the most popular topic Difference between SDS and the general category? and I also covered Canada Student Visa: SDS and General Category Requirements 2019,- Expert with Amandeep Singh and Mr. Mukesh

A popular study abroad, Canada enjoys a special relationship with India. This special relationship has spread beyond the academic area, as Canada is also home to one of the largest Indian Diaspora living in foreign countries. If you want to know about studying in Canada or applying for a Canadian student visa, you will need to know about SDS, University and general category, its rules and requirements for studying in Canada.


In Canada the educational institutes are divided into three categories for a student visa:

· SDS (Student Direct Stream) Category

· General Category

·University Category

SDS (Student Direct Stream) Category:

The last time the student could apply for the student visas of Canada under the SPP (Student Partner Program) category, but now the SDS category has replaced the SPP category. In SDS Category, you can study in all the Designating Learning Institutes (DLI) of Canada, whereas under SPP, you had the option of only 47 colleges, which is also included in the SDS. In SDS Category the Academics requirements for a student visa is more than 55% in Last qualifications, in IELTS you should have more than 6 band overall with 6 band in Each module. Maximum 5 to 6 Backlogs are acceptable. Under SDS the processing time is fast in comparison of SPP and options are wide.

General Category:

Options in the general category are similar to SDS, but if you do not completely fulfill the SDS requirement or in other words, if you get a little less points than requirements, then you have the option of general category after fulfilling the other requirements. In order to submit your file, you need to show funds. So in General Category the minimum required percentages are 50%. In IELTS you should have more than 5.5/5 Band.

University Category:

Apart from SDS or General, the third Category of Canada student visa is University Category. Under this category, students can apply for the student visa on the basis of study in the Universities in Canada. The requirements for the University category is 6.5/6 or 7/6.5 Band in IELTS. Also, under this Category, the students should have more than 60% in their last qualification. The requirements may differ as per the requirements of the University. Some top Universities in Canada are; University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, McMaster University, etc.

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